A bit about this blog

I have started soooo many blogs in the past. I have been blogging for about five years now. But I have deleted them. I have had two or three - I can't quite remember. But the problem was, although I started them because of my love for writing, and so saw them as my creative space to write (and have real live readers READ them! Woo hoo) they just kept degenerating into diary-type entries (I did this, I did that) and they always lost that wonderful creative juice and spark.

I hope with this blog to keep the focus on Creative Writing. Not on me and what I did when. Because I am a wannabe writer. Yes, I have said it now. I am so embarrassed to admit it, but I am a wannabe writer. I don't know why this embarrasses me. Maybe because it's not a "real" career ambition. I dunno. But all my life I have written stories - from the age of seven onwards. Before the age of seven I would literally record my voice telling stories. So yes, all my life, I have been a story-teller and story-creator.

I don't know that I am any good at writing or story-telling but I dedicate this blog to finding that out. I also dedicate this blog to all other wannabe-writers and creatives out there. We all need a safe space to explore our talents and creativity. I hope this is that safe space for me, and for you too.

I invite you not only to read my blog, but to add to it in the way of comments, ideas, suggestions and guest blogging. Please feel free to email me with a piece you have written and I will happily add your post as a guest blogger.

Think of this as a virtual creative writing group.


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