A bit about me

I touched on who I am a little bit in my page about this blog, but I just wanted to introduce myself further to those of you who don't know me and are new to this blog.

I consider myself a creative. I love to write and to paint and I studied Graphic Design. I chose Graphic Design as opposed to Fine Art because it offered a broader scope - photography, illustration, computer illustration and design and layout. It was wonderful and I really loved every minute of my studies. I now freelance as an illustrator and artist. Here is a link where you can view my work. I also contemplated studying writing in some form, but I figured that writing, good writing, that is, comes from reading a lot and from writing a lot. So I thought I could do that on my own.

And to some extent I have done it on my own. But I haven't achieved the level I want to with my writing. I have had an article published in Odyssey Magazine (anyone remember that magazine?) and I have written some stories for online forums and sites, but the dream (don't we all dream this?) is to write a fiction novel.

Whether I ever do that or not, I don't know. But I do know that if I don't write, I feel dead. Hence creating this little blog space for my writing.

I am a mother and also very interested in health, fitness and well-being, so I am sure those themes will find their way into my writing too. I would also say I am philosophical in that I love to ponder the big, deep questions like "What is the meaning of Life?" and "Why are we all here?" I am a seeker and am enjoying the search.

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